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About Us

DLO International Credit Limited (“DLO”) is a Hong Kong based financial technology company doing business in cooperation with various licensed banks in the Philippines. It caters and focuses in online consumer financing and one of the leading Overseas Filipino Worker (“OFW”) loans providers in Hong Kong.


DLO International Credit

(Hong Kong)

Moxxx Lending


Maximum Loadn Amount HKD10,000.00 PHP10,000.00
Interest Rate Per Month 4.00% 30%
Average Loan Tenor 3 Months 1 Months

DLO provides instant and premium financial solutions in response to daily and immediate financial needs of the OFW – without any collateral requirements, complex approval procedures, or long waiting time. DLO offers you the highest flexibility to draw down and repay your loan in Hong Kong or in the Philippines. Loan proceeds can be disbursed into your “DLO International Card” and you may repay your loan in Hong Kong or in the Philippines by cash or via Automated Teller Machines (ATM).

DLO offers an innovative, seamless and fast approach to consumer and clientele base allowing us to adapt and to address your variety of needs – serving you with high business ethics and transparency.