Beside the 0.133% per day interest rate, we DO NOT charge any application fee. The online calculator will compute your total repayment amount.
Upon approval, a 0.133% per day interest rate is applied.
Select a payment term of 30, 60, 90, 180, 270 or 365 days. The Calculator will compute for the total repayment amount for the desired or applicable loan term or duration of repayment.
Our current loanable amounts for first-time applicants range from HKD3,000 to HKD10,000. Repeat borrowers on good standing can borrow up more than HKD10,000. Use the Loan Calculator on the DLO International Credit website for your desired loan amount.
DLO is a licensed money lender in Hong Kong that uses financial technology to better serve its customers. We believe that an online service will bring our loan products to a larger segment of customers more efficiently and equitably.


Yes, we would be glad to assist you. Please send your general queries to the following and allow us some time to respond thereon:
  1. Email: write us here info@dlo-credit.com
  2. Customer hotline: 2157-9940
  3. Website: www.dlo-credit.com
We are the first to introduce the cash loan withdrawal card - “DLO International Card” in Hong Kong. Even if you do not have a bank account in Hong Kong, you may withdraw the cash loan immediately via our withdrawal terminals.
DLO provides loan services primarily to customers working in Hong Kong and to qualified individuals with a valid home address in the National Capital Region (Manila), Philippines. We also serve some areas in Cavite, Laguna, and Bulacan.
The result of your loan application will be sent to you through SMS or email within 1-2 working days upon your submission of compete and clear copies of documentary requirements. DLO assesses all applicants fairly and quickly.
An applicant for a loan may opt to (1) fill-out and complete the online application form, or (2) visit our customer service center for the filling-out and completion of the application form. After submission, immediately expect a message from us for the additional requirements. Check the email you registered. Make sure that you submit complete and clear copies of the documentary requirements so we can promptly process your loan application.
DLO currently offers loans services to customers with the following basic qualifications:
  1. Between 18 to 60 years old
  2. Overseas Filipino Workers who holds a valid Hong Kong Identity Card; and
  3. Currently employed or if self-employed, with a steady business income.


An approved loan applicant should personally get his or her “DLO International Card” at Room 1202, Ka Wah Bank Centre, 232 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong:

Hours of operation:
10:00AM – 6:00PM; Monday – Friday
10:00AM – 1:00PM; Saturday and Sunday

Our automated card dispenser will generate your card after verifying your identity.
Note: For security reason, we do not allow any representative to redeem your “DLO International Card”.
We will make the cash funds immediate available after approval. We will send you an SMS or email afterwards with instructions on how you can get your “DLO International Card” and how to use our cash withdrawal terminal.


Not advisable. We advise paying your dues on or before the maturity date/s. For late repayments, you will be charged with a fee as stated in our contract.
Yes. Please refer to your contract on when early repayments are possible.
Hong Kong:
Bank of Communication
(via Cash Deposit Machine ): 027-539-93152024

United Coconut Planters Bank: 10-113-004777-1
Maximum Savings Bank, Inc.: 000-315-0100507-5

Repayment instructions are sent through SMS and email for your convenience.

After payment, you will receive a payment confirmation receipt from Cash Deposit Machine.

Send a photo or screen shot of your payment confirmation receipt to repay@dlo-credit.com
We have included a section in your contract with details of your loan maturity and when you need to make your loan repayment. We advise paying on or before the due date/s in order not to incur any charges.


We thank you for continuing to trust us in providing you with your immediate financial needs. We welcome Repeat Loans. If you are a borrower with a good payment standing at DLO International Credit Limited, we make it very easy for you to re-loan. No need to re-apply online. Simply send us an email/SMS and we will process your re-loan application within 1-2 working days and then the cash will become available in your DLO International Card.