Our Business

FETES is DLO’s philosophy. The acronym describes how DLO does things for your convenience:

  • FAST

    We make sure that all it takes is few minutes and a few steps for you to complete an online application.


    Upon approval, we make sure that you can get your money immediately. You can withdraw your money through our terminals even you do not have a bank account in Hong Kong just by using the “DLO International Card” issued in your favor and for your convenience. We also provide convenience for you to repay loans anytime, anywhere.


    We build trust from our customers by being transparent with your loan details. We make sure that you are clearly informed of your loan terms and conditions.


    We maintain a high standard of business relation to maintain integrity and professionalism in all of our dealings.


    Skip time-consuming queues, complicated application procedures, and long approval waiting time. We provide a simple application process – from filling out our online form or through our customer service centers, to sending a valid proof of identity or income - everything can completed from your mobile device or computer.